Starbucks workers are on their second strike

By: Ceanna Rivas

Approximately 100 Starbucks stores will be on strike for the next three days battling its unfair labor practices. This is noted as the 2nd widespread strike in Starbucks history. There was a prior one-day strike in November giving away reusable holiday cups, known as its “red cup day” promotion. This time, the strike is focusing on its unfair labor practices, including the very first store in the company’s hometown, Seattle. More than 1,000 employees plan to walk out according to Starbucks Workers United. The union says it expects the strike will shutter some stores entirely; even though, managers and other personnel will attempt to keep the stores. “We remain focused on working together and engaging meaningfully and directly with the union to make Starbucks a company that works for everyone, and we urge Workers United to uphold their promises to partners by moving the bargaining process forward,” the company said in a statement. Before they responded to the closing of stores due to employee safety, more than 264 of Starbucks’ of the 9,000 company-run U.S. stores had voted to unionize since late last year..

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