How music helps inspire the world

By: Emily Garcia

Music has the ability to inspire people in many different ways. It makes whatever chore you are doing easier.  So, when inspiration is lacking, trying to write a story or paint a picture can take a lot of time, making the creative process painful. For a very long time, it has been said that music has a greatest positive effect on brain function.  According to scientific studies conducted at Charles Sturt University, a public university in Bathurst, Australia, “music can improve your motivation. Music can cause the brain to release dopamine, a chemical which works to regulate motivation and goal-oriented behavior.

The people who are most inspired by music are those who are dedicated to listening to it.  If you pay close attention to the correct musical compositions, you can feel inspired, uplifted, and even get tuned into the body’s general self-healing mode.  Good music stimulates the brain and encourages creativity because of the powerful lyrics in some types of music.  For example, “Don’t Stop Me Now,” by Queen, released in 1978. To me this is one of the most uplifting songs ever made. Another example of an uplifting song would be “Dancing Queen,” by ABBA, released in 1976.

Strong lyrics can tell a story and create emotion in the listeners. There is always going to be someone who can relate to what the music is expressing and is later motivated by it, whether the song is about love, loss, passion, or the difficulties of life. it will always cause a reaction in the listener.

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