How does a student balance a job and school at the same time?

By: Gina Torres

Many students that are in high school start working at the age of 16.. Their jobs are usually eight hour shifts which is the same amount of time they spend at school.  So, how do they manage the time and energy to do both?

This reporter asked two MSSH students who work about how they do both. One of them, a senior, indicated she tries to make time for both and she focuses more on work at times, but she knows she cannot give up on school. So, on the days she works, she puts all her energy and focus into that, but on other days, she catches up on homework or anything else school related. She tries hard not to stress herself out and also tries her best to make the most of it. That’s how she manages both.

A  second student, a junior, said she manages both by keeping things positive and organized on her phone since that’s the thing she uses everyday. She writes down on the notes app to keep her life a little organized. On days she doesn’t work, she ends up just relaxing so she can give herself a break.

She spends time with family and her pets so she can get a clear head again for the next day working day. She doesn’t like working at all though, she doesn’t like coming from school and having to change into work clothes, but she manages and gets through it.

So, whichever the strategy, there are many different ways to manage school and work.  Everyone has their own way depending on their needs. They try to keep things organized and stay focused but leave time to relax and try not to overwork themselves too much.  This seems like a good balance of work and school life.

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