NBA’s new season

By: Julius McKnight

The new NBA season is here, and some players got traded to a new team or signed extension for more years and money. Also, some big news for Lebron James he is in his 20th season in the NBA. he was draft in 2003 as the first-round pick for the Cleveland cavaliers. during his time in the NBA, he as won four NBA championships and four Mvp’s (Most Valuable player) now he is looking to make a comeback with the Los Angeles Lakers after a terrible season and missing the playoff and is looking to be back in the playoff picture to recover from last season.

Stephen Curry and the Warriors became NBA champions again after their 2019 NBA finals lost to Toronto raptors after dealing with Klay Thompson ACL injury and curry’s ankle injury. in 2020 NBA season, they have bounce back beating Boston Celtics in the finals making them champions in the bay area once again. Now what’s happening the NBA the Los Angeles Lakers was on a five-game losing streak giving them a rough start to the season, but they have bounce back by winning two games back to back looking for their third win. Cleveland, Boston, Utah and phoenix have improved a lot since last season becoming one the top teams in the eastern conference and the western conference.

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