Class rankings

By: Lilian Alfonso

Every student usually has a favorite class and a class they dreaded attending. This reported decided to ask some of the students at MSSH about their past coursework and about how this year is shaping up.

For Senior Clarissa Cruz, her favorite class was AP Computer Science. She enjoyed the teacher, and the material was fun for her to learn. She also enjoyed broadening her knowledge of computer science since that is the field she is studying in college as her major. Her least favorite was chemistry. She took the class during COVID, and it was hard for her to adapt to online learning especially since it is an already difficult class to learn in person.

Senior Brianna Hollie agreed that chemistry was one of her most dreaded classes. She also took it online, and it was hard for her to adapt to online learning. She just had a hard time understanding the concept that is chemistry, but how she loves AP government class she is taking this year because it is very interactive. They can discuss many subjects they might have questions on, and she is interested in learning more about the government.

The final student we interviewed, Victoria Rojas, stated how she enjoyed taking a forensic science class because it was a fun and an interactive class, the teacher was very understanding, and she enjoyed taking and learning different types of science classes. However, she also agreed with Clarissa and Brianna that on how chemistry was one of hardest concepts to grasp, and therefore, was not her favorite class. She took the class during the pandemic, and it was her first attempt at an advanced high school class, and she just was not prepared to take the course.

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