Unsung high school heroes

By Kaitlyn Morris and Eddie Rodriguez


Oftentimes, the people that contribute the most to our lives go overlooked. At school, these are often security guards, elective teachers, lunch ladies, and even counselors who all contribute to the safety and culture of Miami Springs Senior High (MSSH).

Security guard Jones has been working with the school board for seven years. As for his favorite part of the job, he says it is, “intervening with the kids [and] talking with the kids.” Jones says he doesn’t have a least favorite part of the job. The funniest part of the job was when students pulled a prank at school. Jones decided to work at MSSH because he “loves working around kids, and helping kids out.” He also loves when students come to him for help. Filled with school pride, Jones’ message to the students was, “Let’s Go Hawks!”

Another security guard here at Springs is Sean Keller.  Although it is only his first year, his favorite part of the job is getting to interact with the kids. However, “kids not being respectful to their teachers,” is Keller’s least favorite part of the job. Overall, the funniest part of the job is watching how kids interact with each other. Keller decided to work at MSSH to try and make a difference in some kid’s lives. Keller loves “students coming to talk if they have anything they want to talk about. Any topic that they feel comfortable talking about.” As for his message to the school, Keller hopes that kids understand how great of an opportunity they have to be in high school. According to Keller, “These are the best times of your life right now, so enjoy it to the fullest. It’s not gonna be any easier from here.”

Coach Jay is Physical Education and Athletic Director here at Miami Springs Senior High. In fact, it is his 12th year working here, after previously working at MSSH from 1993 to 2002. His favorite part of the job is “working with the student athletes and all the sports programs,” while his least favorite part is, “ the long days.” The funniest part of the job for Jay is watching the “unusual situations” that the students find themselves in. “It’s unique just watching them. How they participate, how they maneuver, and it’s great,” Jay remarked. He ultimately decided to continue working at MSSH since he graduated here with the class of 1981, and he “felt compelled to come back and give back to the school [because] of course [he has] Hawk pride.” Jay enjoys his job, because of the need “to make constant adjustments” when working in the athletics department. “At the end of the day, when it is accomplished, it’s a good feeling,” he stated. When students come to him for help, Jay always does his best to direct them where they need to be to get the best help. If it’s just for a conversation, Jay loves talking about, “whatever is on their mind, or whatever advice that they need,” since it helps the students get better in whatever they are doing. Jay’s message to the school is a sincere, “thank you, thank you, thank you. Once a hawk, always a hawk!”

The art teacher here at Springs is Ms. Goldstein, who is currently in her 9th year working at MSSH. Her favorite part of the job is the students, while the worst part is “the political requirements.” Goldstein recalled a funny memory from school, where she “locked [her] keys in [her] classroom three times in the same day.” She continued by saying that she had to keep bothering people to get back into her room. Before Goldstein started working here, she was with her last school for 13 years, and “was ready for a change.” Goldstein also commented that she prefers students to ask for help after they attempt the project themselves, and are not simply asking for her to do all the work. Her favorite topics, however, are “whatever students feel, need, or want to talk about,” as she feels that is what she is here for. A message she wanted to share with the students is to “be brave enough to suck at something new.”

One of our school’s counselors is Mrs. Schaltenbrand. She has worked at MSSH for 17 years, and she loves it! Her favorite part of the job is the kids and her wonderful coworkers. Sadly, Schaltenbrand’s least favorite part of working here is “when kids don’t graduate, when they don’t meet their goal.” Yet, Schaltenbrand chose this job because she has always enjoyed being able to work with older, high school students. Schaltenbrand is always excited to talk to students about personal or fun topics, because she says that students can talk to her about anything. “It doesn’t always have to be school related,” she elaborated. A message that Schaltenbrand wants to share is “thank you! Working here is an amazing opportunity, with amazing kids and staff. I feel very lucky.”


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