Test taking tips

By: Matthew Steffen

With testing coming up for many students, it is important to be prepared for your end of year exams. Once you have a solid command of the subject matter and material that will be presented on your test, it’s time to put in play some basic test taking strategies like:

  1. Be Prepared – There is no substitute for preparation. If you have not taken the time to study throughout the semester, have not reviewed prior to test day, or do not know the test material, all the test taking strategies in the world will not save you.  Preparation is key.
  2. Be early – Arriving early may allow you time to ask any last minute questions from the instructor or listen to explanations being provided to other students. It is also a perfect time to relax yourself mentally and physically so you can do your best.
  3. Be Awake – DO NOT try to cram a whole year’s worth of information into your head the night before. Sleep is vital and is a must the night before the test. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep prior to your exam in order to do the best of your capability. 
  4. Be Attentive – Instructors will tell you everything you need to know about the test you are taking, so make sure to listen and stay concentrated on the test.
  5. Be Confident – Do not lose confidence or waste time if you encounter confusing or difficult questions. Answer the questions you know first. If you have no clue about the correct answer, make an educated guess, if it does not count against your score.

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