Oscars 2022: CODA

By: Matthew Steffen

During Sunday evening’s 94th Oscars, after hearing one too many jokes about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith walked up onstage and “smacked the **** out of” Chris Rock – as Rock described it himself. Had the disagreement between the two not occurred, the night’s main headline would have been that Hollywood has officially entered a new era. A film from Apple’s streaming service called CODA was chosen as the best motion picture. Additionally, CODA became only the sixth film to win best picture without a best director nomination. These accomplishments brought up to many the realization of the changing times.  Whether for good or worse, Hollywood is straying away from their reputation of awarding only movies ‘made for movie theaters’ seeing as they gave their highest honor to a motion picture that was not shown in a theater but a streaming app.

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