We need to keep our schools clean

By: Karen Castro

Students are the main reason why our schools get ruined throughout the years. Broken chairs, scratched walls, vandalized bathrooms, and gum under the desks.  Students behave the way they do because they expect janitors and teachers to pick up after them. We have a large number of students in Miami Dade County, so we must combine our efforts to make a change. Students normally don’t throw away their food trays, don’t flush the toilet, and simply don’t pick up after themselves. Keeping our schools clean prevent students and teachers from getting sick and from having unexpected critters crawling all over the building. By doing the right thing and keeping ourselves and our schools sanitized, we can achieve fewer student sick days, instill good moral values and responsibilities, reduce allergens, extend the life of school equipment, have healthier and productive teachers, increase school pride, and enjoy an overall healthier learning experience.

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