Golden Players receive top honors at One-Act Festival

By: Rebecca M. Proveyer and Melany Eire

Congratulations to Ms. Sieg and all her young, creative-minded students that performed at the Florida Thespians Dade One-Act Festival. We are extremely proud of their accomplishment and the honors they have received under your professional guidance.

We would like to highlight the following students who competed and successfully won the following “individual” awards:

Phillip Pacoutas for receiving the All-Star Crew Award. This award is for lights and sound in the Class Action play. The play was performed for our school and organized by Ms. Sieg.

A round of applause also goes out to Maria Martinez for winning the Outstanding Program Design Award and to Victoria Hernandez for winning the All-Star Cast Award.

This reporter had an opportunity to interview the winners.  “The competition was kind of stressing, but it was also really fun with the right amount of people, because if you’re with the right group of people it’s actually incredibly fun. It was kind of stressful to know that we were going to go on stage and perform, but it was not really that bad. Getting an Excellent just felt really good for all the hard work that we did”, said Leonardo Gonzalez.

Brandon Quesada was asked to magnify his point of view and opinions of the One-Act Festival performance. He mentions, “What we did was a play about several scenarios of high school students. To be honest, it was not very realistic, but it was fun to do! The character that I played was fun to play.”

We would also like the acknowledge and congratulate the following students who presented the play, Class Action, at the One-Act Festival and got rewarded with a trophy for Excellent Ratings.

– Ernesto Cortez

– Mathew Diaz

– Brittney Gonzalez

– Leonardo Gonzalez

– Gabriela Gonzalez

– Victoria Hernandez

– Cherie Labaut

– Terika Leslie

– Elena Lorenzo

– Philip Pacoutas

– Cassandra Padron

– Brandon Quesada

– William Ramirez

– Maria Rosas

– Victoria Rojas

– Jesse Rovelo

– Melanie Sanchez

– Ashley Serrano

When asked to elaborate on her role, Victoria Hernandez stated, “The award was for All-Star Cast, so basically I stood out even though I had a minor roll, and a minor character. As I said, they were not big, but it was emotionally moving because it speaks on a woman who was sexually assaulted.” Heavy topics like this are extremely moving, and it’s good to know it’s in such talented students’ hands.

We also would like to share Ms. Sieg’s input on the competition, “Considering that we just came back from Covid-19, and we have not had acting classes in person for a year and a half, we did extremely well. We brought home a trophy of Excellence. We won first place in Best Overall Program Design in all of Dade County. Victoria Hernandez won the All-Star Cast. Philip Pacoutas won All-Star Crew. Maria Martinez won best design of the program that I was saying before. It was a good learning experience for the students because we spent one long month practicing, and they grew a lot in that month staying after school. As young actors, they grew a lot and were able to perfect a lot of acting skills that they needed. They did a really good job. Most of the students were also drama one class students some of which have never taken acting, and there were one or two of them that were advanced.”

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