Are Dress-Codes Discriminating Against Girls?

By: Nicole Tijerino

School dress codes have been a controversy all over the internet the past couple of months. Most schools host student protests for discrimination towards these girls. In one of the schools, St. Oakville High school, the principal was seen apologizing to a parent of a female student after the protests. This student was given a violation of dress code due to “fear of distraction” by her male classmates and even teachers! As not only a minor, but a lady in general, this argument always seems to just invalidate women rather than hold others accountable for judging us based on the
fabric we use to cover our body. My growing body should not be distracting to others, especially in an environment that’s meant to make us feel safe, like a school. Why can’t people keep their hands and eyes to themselves? Women were taught to hide our skin because of people who cannot respect us enough as individuals. We need to be more tolerant and respectful of others at all times.

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