We need more options in the way of snacks and drinks

By: Jatavia Strachan, Alyssa Stephens, and `Ta’mya Lewis

Snack vending machines at Miami Springs Senior High School raised the cost of snacks from $1.00 to $1.50.  At first, one would think the price change would discourage interest.  Not here!  Within minutes of the machine being replenished, it is flocked by students and teachers alike.  That’s great, but there are issues: one, the machine is located solely in the main lobby and two, the options are limited.  So, for students who do not like cafeteria food, they go without a snack.  What happened to the Hot Fries, M&Ms, Hershey’s, Crunch, Sour Patch, Oreos, Lays, and Kit Kat’s?  As for the drink vending machine, it  sells only water and Powerade, and most options are zero sugar.  WE NEED MORE OPTIONS!  Plus, the Powerade’s are $2.00, and there not even the large size, they are the mini. If they are selling mini bottles, then the cost should be “mini” ($1.00) as well.

Like with the food vending machine, options such as cola, Sprite, Fanta, fruit punch, tea, lemonade, or root beer would be great.  Due to COVID, we are required to bring a bottle to get water from the fountain. This means that, if we bring no bottle at all, we will be Sponge Bob from that episode where he was extra dry and kept screaming “I NEED IT!”, unless we have $2.00 for a small, 2-liter Dasani water.  Most of the time, the vending machine takes the money without dispensing a drink, and unfortunately, security guards and other staff cannot help or are not allowed to meddle with the machines.  At this point, the lack of drinking water becomes a major inconvenience, specially for those students that do not bring refillable water bottles.

There are two empty vending machines that are not in use (located in the main area and the hallway next to the big stairs).  This is a contributing factor to the major pileup at the one vending machine, making it almost impossible to make the line, grab a snack, and run to class within the allotted time.  Our school vending machines need a major overhaul.  We need a variety of snacks and drinks that will satisfy the hungry and thirsty crowd roaming the halls at MSSH.

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