Staying Safe While Traveling During Covid-19

By: Kaitlyn Morris and Katherine Monteagudo

Photo by Damaris Isenschmid on Unsplash

While Covid-19 has put a temporary ban on big gatherings, proper safety precautions can help you stay safe and have fun over the upcoming school breaks.  

Alexa Matos, a junior this year at Miami Springs Senior High, we learned of her travels across the country and her tips to stay safe during Covid-19.  

In July, Alexa first took a trip to Marco Island to get out the house during the on-going self-quarantine that started in March.  She visited Marco Beach, and lots of resorts there during her visit. Additionally, in August, she visited Wisconsin and Minnesota. While traveling around these states, she made sure to spend some quality time with her relatives. 

 When Alexa visited Minnesota, she stopped by George Floyd’s Memorial. After the tragedy that occurred earlier in May, locals and visitors from other towns and states set up a memorial of flowers to honor George Floyd. After seeing the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, Alexa stated that she cried upon seeing the memorial. There will still protesters there when Alexa arrived.  

Every weekend in October and September, Alexa Matos visited theme parks in Orlando to finish off her vacations. Alexa then shared how she stayed safe during the pandemic. One way she made sure she was not spreading the virus was by getting tested every time before she traveled. In addition, after arriving to each of her destinations, Matos made sure to wear her mask everywhere she went. After taking these precautions, Alexa stated not feeling too stressed about catching or spreading the virus.  

If you plan on traveling during the pandemic, make sure to stay safe and follow the recommendations made by the CDC. Stay safe, and have fun!  

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