Social media destroys more than we think

By: Cassandra Brown

In this generation, almost all of our time is dedicated to our cellphones. Most teens would rather spend their free time on social media, than with family and friends. Studies have proven that the urge to stay caught up on social media is stronger than the even the urge for sex.  Feeling connected and accepted on the internet is a priority for today’s youth. Teens are losing their happiness and self-esteem by trying to portray a certain image to the media and wanting to be viewed a certain way, versus what is real. Not only can it ruin a teens feeling of self-worth, but it is time-consuming and addicting. People become obsessed with how the media views them and feel compelled to impress whoever is watching. Enjoying experiences and living life is paused to make sure the media gets in on it. Every moment has to be recorded and posted, just to prove to the world that those moments are happening. This isn’t true happiness! Additionally, social media continues to be a major distraction with drivers and can, ultimately, even get in the way of personal relationships. If you are always on the phone, how can you hold a proper conversation? Having your face always stuck to a phone will slowly decrease your abilities to connect socially with people in life. This affects communication skills, expression of feelings, and a closeness, which can ultimately create an opposite effect, that of isolation. It’s hard to admit for many, but social media has completely turned from being a helpful tool, to nothing more than a barrier.

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