The under dogs are taking over the world – BTS

By: Ashley Heurtematte

In south Korea, it is completely common for companies to have idol groups who use their talents and dancing skills to take over the media and become the next sensation. Most of the people who leave home at such a young age can contract with big companies that will surely gain them stardom. The most well-known companies that have launched amazing groups are: SM entertainment, JYP entertainment, and YG entertainment. These legendary companies are known for providing great accommodations for their trainees and having a reputation for bringing out the best new faces and idol groups. The companies launch groups that everyone loves: SM entertainment groups like EXO and Red Velvet have become a favorite in Korea. JYP became one of the earliest sensations that took over in just two years and became an all-time favorite. Even the newest rookie group Stray Kids have quickly risen to the top and has already gained an incredible amount of attention. YG Blackpink became a quick success for their strong presence and attitude.ย  Another well-known group from that company was BigBang who has forever been one of the most legendary and popular group to ever exist.

However, in 2010 Kim Namjoon, at the time 16, became a trainee at BigHit Entertainment, a small company that was not well known and had idol groups that were not exactly famous. Right after him, Min Yoongi, joining at just 17, became a part of the company as well, and the two of them set out to be part of a group who would take over the industry.ย  Very slowly more and more trainees joined the company; however, neither of the boys had much hope in making a debut in a in a hip hop group but it never seemed that way. The sole reason Min yoongi decided to stay was the promise made to him of debuting in a hip hop rap group. That was until five other boys joined the company; Kim Seokjin who was 20 at the time, Jung Hoseok who was around 18, Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung who were both to be the age of 15 but joined at different times, and the youngest to join Jeon Jungkook who was only 13. Each of them worked hard and hoped to soon debut, but most groups who came from small companies usually never made it.

On June 13, 2013 they debuted with their song No More Dream as a hard core hip hop group with their stage names ( from oldest to youngest) ; Jin, Suga, J-hope, Rap monster (who now goes by the stage name RM), Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Although their debut did not gain much attention they continued with their music released their first album ‘2 cool 4 skool’. Keeping up with their bad boy concept they came out with another album just later that year called ‘0!RUL8,2?’and as well as ‘Dark and Wild’ that did somewhat have a number of memorable songs. But what set them apart was the fact that each of these songs were all about following who you want to be as a person and not listen to society and what they have in mind for us new generation of children. After this they changed to a school boy concept with their album ‘ SKOOL LUV AFFAIR’. This album was a bit more successful as one of their most memorable songs came from this album like Boy in luv and Just One Day and as well as the beginning of one of the best series of songs Cypher pt. 1. Although they gained attention for it this was not the album that made bts blow up. The album right after this one was their big break named ‘ The most beautiful moments in life pt.1’ with their most well-known singles ‘I need you’ that gave them their first win on the south Korean program SBS The Show. After that BTS came out with amazing songs like ‘Dope’ that was featured in the same album, ‘run’ that was in ‘The most beautiful moments in life pt.2’ , Their album ‘The most beautiful moments in life: Young Forever’ was a hit gaining world-wide attention with their song ‘fire’ that has always been one their most known songs. After that BTS was considered a sensation wining each time they went on SBS The show for their songs. But the album that gave BTS their name and international fame was ‘Wings’ almost all of the songs on this album have each become well known hits.

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