MDCPS makes wearing ID’s mandatory for everyone

By: Mallory Mitnick

The newest and most enforced school rule is the mandatory use of the Identification cards. The student ID’s help keep track of the large body of students. The students, however, are not the only ones who have to wear them every day. The teachers and faculty have their IDs on a lanyard around their necks as well.  This is a way to make it easier to spot a person who does not belong on the school property. The IDs also help speed up operations that were already in place. As an example, a simple scan of the card speeds up the lunch line, and the tardy pass line. While this is a generally new thing to the Miami Springs Hawks, casually carrying an ID is something that should be carried on to their everyday lives. Keeping track of the ID and protecting the information that it contains is something that should be a normal thing for these students from now on.

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