Google slammed for discrimination

By: Brian Delgado

No one likes to be singled out and excluded no matter the situation. Some people keep quiet while others prefer to go vocal with their plight.

In July 2017, two engineers contracted under google were recently fired for what some of his fellow coworkers called insensitive and inflammatory statements while others came to their support. A manifesto circulated to employees and quickly caught steam. James Damore and David Gudeman were laid off after violating googles employment policies.

James and David had argued in their manifesto that Google’s employment policies had favored minorities and women to the point where white men were being discriminated in google searches, interviews, and were selectively laid off to place minority people in their place. They further argue that google prevents political diversity and maintains an anti-conservative stance in the workplace and on their websites; James had brought up YouTube’s removal and demonetization of right wing activist videos. Their memo had struck a chord with many people across the internet and had prompted others to present what they stated as evidence of discrimination for being a white man or holding conservative beliefs.

The duo recently brought google to the firing line and place a lawsuit on them with the goal to prevent employees in google from further discrimination. More charges including career sabotage for those who go against them were brought up too. Former employees are divided among themselves on pledging support for such a case, but this hasn’t prevented people from doing their own independent research on possible discrimination by Google.

The outcome of such a case will determine workplace policy in the future for many businesses across the country. Victory or loss, James Damore will still call upon others to play a part in revealing such practices in their own workplaces and start a wave of change.


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