The truth about rats

By: Nautica Leon

What do you think about rats? The four-legged rodents. I suppose you might think they are gross and dirty animals that spread the Plague, Colorado Tick Fever, and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, or you might think rats are these vicious animals that eat you alive. For centuries, rats did spread those diseases, but it is very rare now. Rats clean themselves often. It is said that dogs are more dirty and full of germs than rats! This reporter is not recommending that you should grab a street rat for a pet, but you can find domestic ones. Domesticated rats are sold in pet stores or by private breeders. They are clean, vaccinated, and super friendly – they are smart animals. Speaking from experience of owning rats, they are the best little friend you can have. They are extremely social. Also, rats can learn tricks like how a dog can. I taught my rat to spin on command. There are some rat owners that taught their rats to bring small objects to them on command, do back flips, and even put tiny clothes in a miniature washing machine! Try it out for yourself and cuddle with a rat! I have a community page on Facebook were fans and owners of rats come together and share content! Make sure to check it out!


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