Struggle for free speech on college campuses

By: Ashley Saravia

Harvey Silverglate, a journalist lawyer, addresses at his Harvard Law School 50th Reunion, how free speech is being limited and how students are not being educated. Harvard and all its constituent schools to this day support speech-restrictive codes which interferes with academic freedom. When Silverglate published the “Shadow University” book him and his co-author received a load of requests from students and faculty being persecuted at their school. Unable to handle the volume of cases; him and his co-author started, in 1999, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education to help these victims of campus administrative outreach. When Silverglate started this, he learned that if we have a cause– we must incorporate the energy and intelligence of the younger generation to see it through. We cannot do this alone. If our schools starts to educate instead of train, and to promote freedom instead of forced conformity, the primary reasons for victory is the 20-somethings and the 30-somethings in organizations such as FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). This struggle cannot be avoided for much longer. Thus, those with strength and will power will move this movement forward.

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