Chicken soup for makeup lover’s

By: Alisson Mendez

Being a girl is all fun and games until it’s time to apply makeup or take care of skin and hair. Whether its waxing, threading, or plucking your eyebrows, it will make you want to shed a tear or two. Also, the makeup industry has expanded and everyone wants to be more involved with beauty now-a-days. Makeup guru’s have evolved and a lot of people around the world of bloggers, or what you would call now “YouTuber’s”, are posting all sorts of videos from “how to apply makeup” to “how to pluck your eyebrows”.

Makeup and beauty has become a part of everyday life, and it’s just not for women. Contrary to popular belief, the people who use makeup do not use it because they have low self-esteem or because they want to hide their blemishes. Makeup is now used for fun and to bring out your inner beauty.  People use all sorts of things from glitter to facial tattoos. Every day I see more looks being created and not just by girls, for boys too. There are many ways for you to express yourself with makeup – like creating a horror look for Halloween or theater look for a special performance.

The point is that people are becoming more and more creative with it and its fascinating to watch the jaw dropping transformation. Most people have their own techniques in doing their makeup and their own style. Before I buy a particular product, I always go on Youtube, and I search up a blogger and watch their reviews and opinions about the product. Beauty guru’s always give the best tips.

This reporter can say that she loves makeup, loves watching videos, and learning from others different techniques. Make up is a form of art and anything goes. It’s a public forum to express yourself. It’s not your mom’s makeup anymore! I’ve been obsessed with the artistry since I was a little girl, and used to play and destroy all of my mom’s stuff, but it was fun. I’ve realized that it brought my mom and I closer together.  Now, I do her makeup when she goes out and I hope one day my daughter will too.

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