Music vs. Theater

By: Stephanie Moreno

Some students struggle with the question; music or theater? Why not both, they say, thus there is musical theater, right? But it’s not as simple as it might seem, since musical theater is more inclined to theater. Some are stuck between them, not knowing which one is over the other. There are only a few who have them perfectly balanced. Both have competitions, both can lead to a career, but both are not for everyone.

School marching band, concert, and Jazz band go to competitions and are usually directed by the same teacher, and they each mostly consists of the same group of students. For marching band there are judges for three individual categories: music, marching/visuals, and color guard. The overall score consists of each category. Concert band is similar except there is only a judge for music.

According to ‘’flthespian.com’’, thespian troupes don’t have much competitions as a group. There are district and state one-act festivals, individual competition (I.E.), and other festivals which you can find on your local state thespian website (as the one mentioned before). At a one-act event, troupes are usually scored on performance, timing, costumes/props, and visual/sound effects. They get points taken off if they go over time or step into another troupes’ prop box.

Both spend hours after school perfecting songs or scenes for competitions. Most basically live at school when it comes time to it. But both of these competitive groups have some thing else in common, the bond that grows overtime. Their spontaneous personalities and passion for what they’re doing makes them a family.

All things considered, whichever you choose, you will be more than content with all the beautiful people you will be spending your time with.

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