And the wildcard goes to the Miami Dolphins

By: Frank Gonzalez

I was wrong, but right at the same time. The Miami Dolphins did make the playoffs, playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wildcard. I was right because Miami got blown out by the now conference title game bound Steelers.

However, I do believe, if fully healthy, Miami would have beaten the Steelers like they did in Week 6 and would have gone on to play Kansas City, who they could have beaten as well. My prediction for next year is, if fully healthy, Miami will play for the chance to play in Super Bowl 52 in the conference championship game against future defending champions, the New England Patriots.

I will cover Super Bowl 51 after the game is played, in extensive coverage. Until then, enjoy some playoff football.

I will also cover the NBA All-Star rosters once they are announced, and I will chime in on who deserved to be there and who didn’t.

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