New Age Gaming

By: Kassity Murphy and Cameron Snyder



Gaming has become something more than just going to a friend’s house to play for a few hours till the sun went down. Gaming has evolved from the gamer interacting with the character(s) on screen to interacting with people across the globe.

Entertainment has evolved as well in such a way that it’s no longer just on the silver screen, a T.V. set, or on stage. Entertainment can be found anywhere across all mediums. Like video games.

Back in 2003, YouTube wasn’t conceived yet, let alone thought of. However, that didn’t stop five friends from starting something completely unheard of and entirely new.

“Uh, that kind of looks like a movie.” Bored one day after work Michael Burns – otherwise known as Burnie – was playing Halo 2 when he decided to place two black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. He gets a second opinion from his friends who agree. Fast forward to thirteen years later those five friends have popularized Machinima – a type of animation that uses real time puppeteering -, won many awards, and reaches to a whole community worldwide.

RoosterTeeth Productions LLC., is more than just a machinima company though; they make movies, documentaries, T.V. series like Day 5 but their roots started with the longest running American sci-fi web series, Red vs. Blue. The company has many gaming divisions – most notably its first one, Achievement Hunter. They set the path for people who loved to play video games and wanted to make a living doing so.

Enter in Sky Media.

Adam – Aka Sky – started off as a Minecraft YouTuber doing his own thing for fun. Over time, Adam grew and joined up with many other Minecraft YouTubers to form Team Crafted. During this time the group recorded and grew very fast. However, the group grew apart due to differences in the channels. Adam continued doing what he loved growing bigger and bigger.

After many years Adam decided it was time to help out other YouTubers. What had started out as just helping out a few newcomers just entering in the YouTube industry soon became a mentorship that in turn became his own company.  Sky Media was created to help out and give jobs to the growing industry that could not make it on their own or needed the help. Sky has had many YouTubers and Editors come and go under his company. Each now having an understanding of how to work all the tools they need to keep growing and evolving.

That need to break away from your parent company can be for the best. Ray Narvaez Jr. started out as one the original main six for Achievement Hunter and had loved those three years but he had started to lose his spark. But, Ray didn’t want to give up gaming. So his solution was to do full-time streaming on twitch.tv solo in April 2015.

The following of fans he had at Achievement Hunter have carried over to his solo career and even cultivated new fans. Fans that love him so much as to vote him as the Best Variety Streamer on Twitch. Ray has regained his spark and continues to play his games with the same exuberance that is Ray.

Gaming and entertainment go hand in hand and have evolved together. We live in a century and country where it is feasible to make a real living off of something like playing video games. It isn’t black and white anymore, it’s more of a rainbow. Varying possibilities, different paths, different choices, but they all lead to the same thing. Something truly incredible.

“Let’s stop.”

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