Battlefield 1 Beta Access

By: Jordy Gonzalez

Battlefield 1 is a first person shooter set in during World War 1 and developed by Digital Illusions or otherwise known as DICE. it is the first AAA game to be set in this time period. I got a chance to play the open beta one day early and I have to say, this game might turn the first person shooter genre back to the “Boots on the ground” game style. The audio in the game is amazing, something to expect out of DICE. The map that was available to the beta was called “Sinai Desert” it’s a large and open desert map that has both the British and Ottoman fight in an all-out war. There are four different classes to choose from, each with their own special skills. They are the Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout. Assault is the up close and personal class with shotguns and Sub Machine Guns, they also have anti-tank equipment at their disposal. The Medic is the healer that uses Semi-Automatic rifles and uses a syringe to revive people and first aid to heal people. The Support is the heavy gunner in the group using Light Machine guns to hold the enemies back and gives out ammo to the team. The Scout is the sniper in the group and uses bolt-action rifles to hit people at long distances. There are two different game modes to choose from, Conquest and Rush. Conquest is a 64 player game mode where both teams fight over a set of flags to get points and win. Rush is a 24 player game mode that is revolved around an attacking team and a defending team, where the defending team defends two goals and each time the attacking team destroys a set of objectives, the defending team is pushed back to the next set of objectives until there are no more objectives. Both game modes were fun and exciting, but conquest according to the community was the most popular game mode since you have a huge map to fight over and the fights are always chaotic. So to finish this off, the beta was an absolute hit and the community has given their feedback to DICE to fix a few things that needed a bit of tweaking. One of the bugs that annoyed the community was the leveling, people would spend time with a certain class and try to level that class up but it wouldn’t level them up to allow them to buy new weapons. Some people used a glitch in the system to unlock new weapons because that was the only way to do it. The light tank in the game was also a bit overpowered since it was fast and mobile with too much firepower. Another issue was that horses in the game were able to take a lot of punishment and it were also overpowered. DICE have released a statement on Twitter saying they were going to nerf both of these aspects of the game and changed a few things to the game mode conquest like making kills count in the score like in other earlier Battlefield titles. In the end, this is just the beta of the game and there is still a lot of things that we don’t know yet. Once the game comes out, we will have a better understanding of it.

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