The Mamba’s Passing

By: Jordan Sosa

The Black Mamba has played his last game. About mid-way through the 2015-­2016 NBA season, Kobe Bean Bryant announced this would be his last year as a professional basketball player. In his 20 year span of playing the sport he loves. Kobe became a 5 time NBA champion, 2 time finals MVP, earned one League MVP, appeared in 18 all-star games, became a 2 time gold medalist for team USA, and finished 3rd all time in most points scored by any NBA player in league history. The long time Laker is one of the few in collective sports history to be drafted by a team and play for that same team their whole career. Kobe has been called the “Michael Jordan” of this generation by many NBA players such as Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. Kobe announcing his retirement sent shock waves across the nation. The world named April 13th “Mamba Day” due to Kobe’s last game as an NBA player being held on that day. Fans weeped, old teammates rekindled with the legend, and Kobe left behind a tear-jerking poem to the game of basketball titled “dear basketball”. Although Kobe has said his farewells to the game of basketball, the impact he left will resonate within the hearts of all fans young and old, Laker fan or not, one cannot deny he changed the game for the better.

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