Donald Trump has secured enough delegates to get the Republican nomination

By: Christian Duran

Donald Trump has now won more than half the number of delegates needed to get the republican nomination. He must secure at least 1237 delegates (half of all delegates plus 1.) In most election years one presidential candidate wins enough delegates during the primary/caucuses to be chosen at the national convention as the republican nominee. However, party official are doing their best to push for a contested convention. In a contested convention, no presumptive nominee exists because no candidate gained a majority of the delegates on the first ballot. So even though a convention is often just a perfunctory meeting for top party officials used to rally around the flag into the general election, a contested convention means the meetings actually make a real difference for who the nominee will be. Many people are ecstatic about this, while the other half finds it unfair and think that if Donald Trump has the most delegates he sold be the nominee.

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