Fashion Week or Slay Week?

By: Ashley Saravia

Fashion week or slay week; killer stars rocking designer dresses with looks that can kill a man. Fashion week has everyone sitting down, admiring the flawless models and new trends. Many styles that are branching out are over-sized clothing and dark colors that give the impression that they are “bad to the bone”. Other styles are oddly weird and you’ll ask, “who will ever wear that?” But surprisingly enough, someone will and that is how a trend is personalized by the “average person”. Once a famous person is seen online exhibiting a particular style that seems “different”, people will start to adapt the look and make it their own. Fashion week is stressful and hectic, not only for designers, but for the models that have to content with criticism, a strict diet, and little sleep . By the end of the run, models seem rather slinky and lacking energy, but they have yoga and ballet lessons to prevent them from stumbling down the runway. Models and designers team up to give the world a free week to express their individuality through style and to send the world a message. Fashion has no rules – it’s a doll house!

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