Five of the best inexpensive ways to spend spring break

By: Kamryn Safreed

Spring break is upon us and if you don’t have your plans made you’re running out of time. Now, not everyone has an excess of money to spend on your spring  break plans so here are some fun, inexpensive activities for anyone to keep yourself from becoming a couch potato this break.

1.  Have A Beach Day
We as Miamians we have the luxury of living less than an hour away from the beach so grab some friends, towels, and a few snacks and make a day out of it.

2.  Have A Picnic
We live near or in beautiful Miami Springs, meaning there are plenty of fields and sunny spots to lay out a blanket and have a good time with friends or to get into the book you’ve been meaning to start.

3.  Go on Bike Ride
Grab your bike or maybe your long board and take a ride around, maybe go somewhere to eat or Starbucks. Taking a ride can be a creative way to go out and get some fresh air and some exercise.

4.  Do Yoga
Telling someone to go out and exercise is not very appealing, yoga on the other hand sounds calming and it can be done indoors. You can get a yoga mat at  Walmart or target for about 7 dollars. Instead of going out and buying an instructional DVD you can just look one up on YouTube. You could possible get a friend or two in on it and make a challenge out of it.

5. A Road Trip to Disney
This maybe the most expensive activity but one day passes are about 100 dollars a piece, chipping in 15 dollars for gas, 40 bucks for lunch, hop in and go. This can be a fun and memorable one-day trip to have with friends.

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