Leave it to the Lions

By: Matthieu Perez

Detroit can you say “Barry Sanders”? Barry Sanders can arguably be one of the greatest Running Backs of all time, yet retired so young to solidify that title. Ironically Barry was also a Detroit Lion. Now the Lions find themselves in an all too familiar situation. Calvin Johnson one of the NFL’s greatest Receivers appears to be stepping away after 9 seasons at only the age of 30. According to sources Johnson told the Lions staff that he will retire. Still unofficial, he will surely be missed if he walks away. Johnson also well known as “Megatron” is a very rare and unique combination of talent and size. He is 6’5, weighs 236 pounds, and runs an incredibly 4.35 in a 40 yard dash.  At this point in his career Johnson has the second most yards for Receivers at the age of 30 only behind Randy Moss. Along with that accolade Johnson has also broken the most receiving yards in a single season previously held by the great Jerry Rice. One would believe at the age of 30 Johnson has a lot left in the tank to give to the game and it would be heartbreaking if he stepped away with so much left to give.

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