Burger King adds hot dogs to the menu

By: Cartera Bennett

Always in competition with McDonald’s – B​urger King tries to step-up their game by adding hot dogs to the menu.  First, it was McDonald with the all ­day breakfast then Wendy’s with the 4 for $4 deal.  Now Burger King is jumping on the bandwagon by introducing hot dogs to the entrée menu. The grilled hot dogs are served in two varieties – the classic hot dog topped with ketchup, mustard, onions and relish and a chili cheese version. 

This reporter decided to get the real deal and ask fellow Hawks what they thought about the wieners.

“Yum…why eat with a clown when you can eat with a king.” – Jonathan Almonte

An employee of Burger King said, “Gross, it’s actually projectile vomit!” – anonymous

“I like them…but I think it’s random that they did it! It’s Burger King not Hot Dog King” – Amanda Parson

“They are really good!” – Cesar Padron

“There is only one way to know whether they are tasty and that is to try it for myself.” – Cartera Bennett

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