Middle schoolers’ high school experience

By: Darin Gutierrez

A group of eighth grade middle students from Miami Springs Middle School and the Academy of International Education Charter School, came to our school on Friday, January 22nd to catch a glimpse of what high school is really like. Our school’s cheerleading and band awaited their arrivals with a few chants and amazing songs! While there was a tour and a guest presenter, the high school counselors also showed them the programs our school has to offer and the many exciting years they have ahead! The students were able to break off into groups of the iTech Academy, the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, Art, and Culinary Art classes and learn a thing or two from the teachers and students. As a senior, I was able to walk the kids around and answer any questions they had, while most were only worried about the uniform policy, and when lunch was, many were also excited to begin the next chapter in their lives. So, class of 2020 we welcome you with open arms, and hope that you prosper in your future endeavors. Remember, Once A Hawk Always A Hawk!

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