World Peace or World War III?

By: Ashley Saravia

With Syrian refugee numbers on the rise, we think to ourselves, enough is enough?

The biggest question so far this year according to experts at CNN and many other sources has to be, “Is the world headed for world peace or World War III?”  The revelation of  Turkey shooting down a Russian plane and killing the pilots sparked a major controversy between the two countries. With leaders who are determined to seek revenge and unwilling to back down, the massacring of innocent civilians in Paris, the posting of videos of torture and slaughtering to enrage the world’s most powerful leader, and countless bombing threats in New York City, it comes to a point where you ask yourself, where are we headed?

These attacks are affiliated with one central terrorist organization, ISIS. Their purpose is to kill and instill fears into the hearts of first world leaders and their people. Earlier this year, ISIS took responsibility for the shooting of a Russian plane carrying 224 passengers. The question remains; how far are they willing to go? A child no older than 5 years old was filmed decapitating a teddy bear with the flag of ISIS on the wall. It is said that they drug their warriors with a hardcore drug named Captagon which keeps these fighters alert for days. In October of 2014, a CNN reporter interviewed prisoners captured from the terrorist group. Each prisoner was individually interviewed and each explained how the extremist group only wanted justice for their people.  Whether these fighters were manipulated into saying these remarks or not, they were said to have, “used their mind and their poverty” to convince them to join. Another prisoner, age 19, expressed how when they used drugs, that officials did not care whether they lived or died. The CNN reporters are skeptical of this information because the interviews had to be conducted blindfolded.  This conflict has brought to light many different theories; whether we can believe their story or not will depend on who’s listening.

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