The true dangers of body piercing

By: Erien Fuentes

Body piercings have become one of the most popular fashion trends of all time.  To date, statistics show that 83 percent of Americans have body piercings.  However, when getting a body piercing, most people don’t think about the consequences which could lead to serious infections. Approximately 30 percent of the people who get piercings suffer from some complication. “I think piercings can be quite dangerous, actually”, says Anne Lumann, a dermatology professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and “I would not recommend it to teenagers”. One of the most dangerous piercing is the upper ear-piercing. It can lead to necrosis, this happens when most of the cells in an organ or a tissue begin to die.  This infection can also result in a Keloid, at the piercing sight.  A Keloid is a permanent, disfiguring bump on the skin.

When getting a body piercing, always check the reviews of the shop, including cleanliness, the performance of the workers, and negative reviews.  In order words, perform a diligent search, and make an objective decision; you won’t regret it.  Careless employees can be found anywhere. Unsterilized needles can transmit diseases such as Hepatitis B, C and AIDS.

If you are still planning on getting a piercing or you already have one, continue to clean it well. The cleaning methods depend on the type of piercing you have. If you have a tongue piercing, it is highly recommended that you use alcohol and fluoride free mouthwash. Body piercings in your bellybutton, earlobe, upper ear, or eyebrow can be cleaned with sea salt soaks at least twice a day.  Most importantly, go to a hospital immediately if you show sings of having a serious infection that includes more than one of the following: swelling, redness, bad small or discharge, a rash on or about the piercing area, or a fever. At this point, please do not try to take care of it yourself!

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  3. http://www.safepiercing.org

    I spent 20 years of my life as a Professional Body Modification artist, am respected in my trade, and am complimented on my aseptic technique regularly. Even with those credentials, I was wasting my breath handing out that speech and those “facts”. Get to know that site on the other end of the link. You can update your knowledge and education and maybe then the idea of maintaining a piercing though an uneventful healing period (lasting from 3 months to over a year, depending on location and hygienic.practices of the piercee.

    Eventually, I just handed out educational material and made myself available for follow-ups and free cleanings, and that kept my conscious sated 🙂

    Good luck and don’t hesitate to contact me if I an help 🙂

    …kids these days…

    St. Mary

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