Police kills suicidal man in St. Augustine, Florida

By: Natalie Villar

On May 11, 2015, police killed Justin Way, a 28 year-old man from St. Augustine, Florida. Justin was drinking and threatening to hurt himself. Justin’s father said his son had been “alcohol-free for five weeks, until he lost his job and began to consume alcohol again”. Kaitlyn Lyons Justin’s girlfriend said, “he was drunk, lying in their bed with a knife, saying he would hurt himself”, so she called a non-emergency number to try to get Justin to a St. Augustine hospital.  She told police that she did not feel threatened by Justin. Later two St. John’s County deputies, Jonas Carballosa and Kyle Braig arrived at Justin’s house with rifles and told Kaitlyn to wait outside. Within moments Justin was shot. Justin’s father said the initial report he received from detective Mike Smith said that Justin tried to attack the officers with the knife that he was threatening to hurt himself with. The detective told Justin’s mom that the officers told him to drop the knife, and he didn’t so they shot him. Justin’s parents don’t believe Justin was a threat to anyone other than himself, and that they would not call the police in a case of emergency in the future.  

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