Farewell to a friend

By: Tiffany Quinn

As a charismatic and lively individual, Mr. Andy Luna is well known throughout the school and is revered for his musical talents and teaching abilities. Over the last nine years, Mr. Luna served as the Band Director of Miami Springs Senior High where he aided his students in bringing out their musical talents and winning many prestigious titles for MSSH’s music program. Mr. Luna resigned from Miami Springs HS to pursue an occupation in financial budgeting, a career that he desired to continue out of college, which he is now getting the opportunity to do at a company known as KLX Inc. where he will be a pricing analyst. When asked about his decision to leave, he stated, “I just think it was the right time to go. I was not giving my all this year, and I definitely think that my kids deserved someone who will be just as passionate as they are.” In addition, when inquired about his future and what he will miss about the job he commented, “I will definitely miss my kids, they are more than just my students, they became my family. I will miss the moments where the music finally clicks with them and they have that ah-ha period and connect with the music.” Mr. Luna was definitely a key figure in Miami Springs Senior High who’s beautiful shows, performances for school events, and excited nature will make him dearly missed.

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