Childhood memories with Coca-Cola

By: Priscilla Molliner

Coke first made its appearance in 1886 as a substance that was used in an experiment to cure headaches. Now the brand has transformed into a world-wide franchise and the top selling soda in the world. Providing a pleasurable taste linked with memorable moments, coke seems to be joined with happiness and satisfaction. Everyone can reminisce on its mouthwatering flavor and energetic jolt. From its fizz and bubbles to its sugary taste, coke seems to be a perfect match not just for any meal but for any moment.

Coke's advertising corporation has made it its focal point to marry this sugar filled drink with those moments of joy, laughter, and refreshment that everyone so fondly enjoys. Coca-Cola's advertising history is targeted not only for its customers to purchase their product but also to invest in the emotions of what seems to be accompany this satisfying drink. Their approach has always been unique and creative, incorporating the traditional red and white colors and the famous hour-glass shaped bottle to stand out from the rest of the soft drinks on the shelf.

The goal of Coke's advertising commercials is to take you back to that moment of enjoyment while also sparking the interest of creating new memories with a refreshing drink at hand. The ideology remains that Coke can create an escape after a hard week at work, serve as complement to a great weekend out, or a flattering drink on a hot day. Everyone always seems to find a memorable moment when drinking this sweet beverage.

Perhaps this is why its become a party favorite, linking the good times to a satisfying refreshment found in a can or bottle. Seeing the traditional red and white bottle no matter where you go can bring about a sigh of relief and knowing that this world wide drink can quench your thirst and desire for familiar flavors is oftentimes reassuring.

Senior C/O ‘ 15

Anthony Reyes, can remember drinking coke practically his whole life. He states that “its always been apart of me and all of my memories”. He associates coke as the American drink and “must-have” when he grabs some junk food. Anthony figures if you’re going to have a drink with so many calories you might as well add a couple sweets and extras to have the ultimate sugar high.  Even though Coca-Cola has always been a common drink in his private life, he shared that he mostly drinks it every time he goes out to eat, “it serves as a great compliment for a filling meal”. When asked if he’s ever tried to quit, he said that he has but it’s never lasted more than a month and till this day it’s still his favorite type of drink.

Sophomore C/O ’17

Taylor Andollo, says that her favorite memories with Coke have been under the sun surrounded by great friends and on adventures with family. Her trips to the Keys can be very exhausting but she can always remember taking a second apart from her fun-filled day while she opened a can of coke to refuel on some energy. Her trips to the keys don’t just require packing some sun block, they require packing something that will refresh and re-energize. She can recall the memory of Coke in almost every celebration she’s been to; “it’s the party drink”, she states.  When asked, ‘When is it a must to have such a refreshing drink?’, she maintains “anytime under the sun”, particularly when she’s out on the boat for some fun in the sun.

Senior C/O ’15

Jonathan Nodarse, discloses that his very first memory with Coke happened on the most magical place on earth. He was seven years old and on his first time trip to Disney along with his family once they arrived here from Pennsylvania. He can recall the moment when he first felt the bubbly drink tingling his tongue and the sweetness of sugar filling his little body. He said, that moment made my trip not only more memorable, but magical. Now Coke has been not only a part of a great memory for him but also an association with a variety of different meals and a daily drink.

Senior C/O ‘ 15

Vanessa Gonzalez, is not a big fan of Coke but she can definitely remember one of her favorite childhood memories which was associated with this energizing drink. It was a night filled with laughter, smiles and great vibes, a totally girls night at a typical middle school slumber party. She may not be obsessed with the flavor of Coke but she does enjoy the moments and she can savor its flavors with a good meal.

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