Club Planeta Vision

By: Lucia Torres

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This past December Mrs. Brodhead, teacher at our school and sponsor of the Spanish Honor Society club “Aqui Entre Nos”, got in contact with Univision through the bilingual department and had the pleasure of filming with Univision along with her students. Every year, schools around the county discard any furniture that has been worn out over time. Mrs. Brodhead says she had the idea of giving these pieces another use. So her students rescued these items. In this case, they’ll be using these pieces to create an organic garden using recycled furniture.  As seen in the pictures above, desks are going to be used to create a platform in which the containers can rest on. Old drawers, and desk pieced are going to be used to germinate the seeds. As for the compost, fabric is stapled onto the drawers to hold it together. Once organic soil has been placed in the containers, the students allowed the seeds to germinate by placing them on paper towel rolls. With time, the rolls of paper towel will decompose. To finish off this project, the containers were spray painted green to form part of the environment. This project has brought satisfaction to the students because they’ve been able to see the outcome of their project. They still continue to take care of this garden by watering it daily. Projects as simple as this one should encourage everyone to try their hardest to better the world they live in and learn to love it.

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