Holiday Glam

By: Lucia Torres

This past weekend, I collaborated with Natalie Borroto to create holiday inspired makeup. The various looks were designed to match different ethnic backgrounds.

For the simple girls, I achieved a more natural and easy look on one of my models Melissa Gil. I started by blending a medium-toned brown eye shadow in the crease with a fluffed brush to create depth in the eye. I then continued with a light duo-chrome pink eye shadow and a dense small brush to pack the color throughout the eyelid. By smudging black eye shadow with an angled brush to the top lash line in the shape of a wing, I created the illusion of longer eyes and fuller lashes. For more of a sultry look, blend a dark brown onto the bottom lash line, apply mascara and your eye look is complete!


I then worked my way up to a more daring look with model Anissa Parks! I couldn’t help but to use a champagne color on the lids and a combination of dark shades in the crease to bring out her green eyes. I blended a subtle plum color to allow an easier transition from the champagne to the darker brown. These colors melted together nicely to create a bit of a darker look but still kept it bright on the eyelids. I winged out some gel liner for a cleaner and sharper look, applied eyeliner and mascara but definitely couldn’t miss out on the purple lipstick to reflect Anissa’s bold personality.


Finally, I brought my day to an end with the caramel beauty, Vanessa Perez. She was interested in a very dark, mysterious look and that was exactly what we achieved! I started off with a light matte eye shadow to neutralize her eyelids. I then began to intensify the black on the outer portion of her eye to achieve darkness. Once I was happy with the outcome, I swept a gold eye shadow to attract light to her eyes and then went back in with the plum eye shadow in between the gold and black. This Cimmerian look was completed with some eyeliner in the bottom lash line and mascara.


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