Breast Cancer Fair at MS Recreational Center

By: Krystal Diaz

Miami Springs Senior High School students Lily Mesa and Heissel Mayorga are proud to announce their Breast Cancer Awareness Project to not only the four walls of Mrs. Icaza’s classroom, but also to the entire community of Miami Springs as a whole, and possibly even to the rest of Miami, Florida. On  Saturday, October 25, from 8am to 12pm, the community center was filled with different stations where health professionals were set up, demonstrating and discussing the varying aspects of breath cancer.

These two girls, Lily and Heissel, connected very well with the topic that they chose as their HOSA project and were exceedingly eager to start the project and spread their knowledge on the subject through their presentation. They both explained why this project was so important to them and how breast cancer has had a personal toll on their lives. Lily had a family member with breast cancer and Heissel had a co-­worker with it as well. Lily explained how this particular project was so unique: “its not only about spreading awareness about breast cancer, but also how it is different for every individual person; yes that includes boys as well”.

They both explained that there is a certain type of therapy that helps each person gain knowledge about their own breasts and how some clinics can help women and men who think they have breast cancer determine whether they do or don’t. This project is turning out to be a sensation! Lily and Heissel are very excited to continue working hard on this project and to bring out the awareness to people of all genders, races, ages, and all because they know that this project will not only affect their grades in school, but also the hearts and minds of those in the school and community. 

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