Innocent Children Die at the Hands of Terrorist Bombing

By: William Valera

In an elementary school in Syria, thirty-two innocent people were killed in a tragic bombing. This incident, which took the lives of ten children, occurred on a Wednesday, October 1, 2014, during school hours and the school was caught unaware of what would unfold soon after. Twin car bombings are responsible for the death of harmless people, and it left everyone in shock. As parents arrived, they frantically searched for their sons and daughters. The streets were littered with school bags and body parts, a horrific experience for those who saw it.

When the bombing began, one vehicle was set off, killing kids as they left school. The second vehicle detonated as the adults carried away the bodies of those who were injured. The school was an elementary school called Ekremah al-Makhzoumi and it was one of the deadliest strikes to hit the area in months. Footage was shared on a pro-government Facebook group, that later appeared genuine. A local official confirmed that an additional fifty-six people were wounded.

State-run media outlet, SANA, also reported the bombings and gave similar death tolls about the situation. Children have never appeared as a direct target, so people are confused and curious. A situation similar to this, is when the Syrian government forces had bombed a complex in the city of Aleppo that housed a school. At least nineteen people were killed, including ten children. My opinion is that those who lost their lives were mostly innocent and they didn’t expect this chaos. Those people responsible for the bombings will get what they deserve. They should stop harming those who have not threatened them, and prove their point some other way.

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