Take Five

By: Tiffany Quinn

Pentatonix, a harmonic group of five inspiring individuals, is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon for their amazing Acapella renditions of today’s #1 hits. Their rise to stardom began when they competed and won on NBC’s The Sing Off. Before their big break, the group was originally composed of three members - Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, and Mitch Grassi.

The trio originally decided to take their talents nationwide when group member Scott Hoying suggested that they sign up for The Voice. In order to add depth and more talent to their unique group, Scott went out and recruited Kevin “K.O.” Olusola and Avi Kaplan who built himself a reputation as the most talented vocal bass in Southern California. Kevin Olusola was discovered through a YouTube video of him playing the cello while simultaneously beatboxing. Although the group was formed, they still hadn’t officially met until 24 hours before they were scheduled to perform on stage. Pentatonix quickly took the music world by storm after their win on The Sing Off with each concert selling out in minutes.

The fast rising stars are now teaming up with other major names in the music world and taking their talents to the big screen. Pentatonix is working with the producers and cast of Pitch Perfect to create a sequel to the first movie. The group is featured as a rival Acapella group threatening the Barden Bellas title. Pentatonix has also appeared in music videos starring Lindsey Stirling – an amazingly talented violinist, that is also up and coming starlet in the music industry. Aside from their YouTube videos, the group has also been featured on The Ellen Show and broadcast live over the radio.

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