How Cool is That!

By: Shai Curtis

Ms. Beth Goldstein, a twenty-five year veteran of the public school system, has won the 2014 Florida's Outstanding Secondary Art Educator of The Year Award. Before coming to HAWK Nation, Ms. Goldstein taught at Miami Central Senior High for eighteen years.  Art means everything to Ms. Goldstein.  "In order to do anything, you must have some comprehension of abstracts", she states.  The award came as a complete surprise to Ms. Goldstein.  She was nominated by the President and the past President of Dade Art Educators.

Receiving this award, she states, has been one of the best moments at Miami Springs Senior High.  The e-mail came directly from our Principal , "I didn't waste anytime I knew I had the best art teacher in the county," the email stated.  It wasn't the words written but, the meaning behind them. "Knowing that I was not just like an art teacher among many", the email made her feel like a "teacher that mattered."

"One of the most crucial things that I think is most important is that I play with my students, laugh with my students, cry with my students, and learn with my students because the information in a textbook is not the only thing that matters when looking for student achievement." - Goldstein

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