The Mayor’s Cup Returns to the Hawks’ Nest

By: Teja Jackson & Tanisha Sanders

 After 7 long years, our very own Miami Springs football team has won back the Mayors Cup from their rival Hialeah High with a 21-14 upset. August 28, 2014 the game took place at Milander Stadium. In the first quarter of the game son of our head coach DJ Bethune scored and put the Hawks up 7-0. In the second half Johnny Rembert "Duke" scored twice winning us the game. Myron Morris the up and coming star had two interceptions, one 44-yard catch and three pass breaks. The teams goals are to be undefeated, win districts and make it to the play-offs. The Hawks have some easy competition this season and by winning this first game and gaining back the Mayors cup, it has set the tone for the season. Talking to many football players they have stated that they have worked very hard for this moment. They went into the game very humble. This win over Hialeah has marked the first time Springs has won since 2007 when T.Y Hilton was playing for the Golden Hawks. Beating Hialeah has been the team goal since the summer. The Hawks next opponent will be Hialeah Gardens. These boys have truly proved why they are highly doubted!


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  1. very cute, very nice, I LIKE IT

  2. love this picture!

  3. Orestes Fernandez // September 12, 2014 at 4:45 pm // Reply

    The Mayor’s Cup WILL stay in the nest , or else feel the wrath of the hawks haha

  4. Yee…lets get to states this year boys…bring it to the hawks nest lets get that WIN!

  5. Good job Hawks!!

  6. you go glenn coco

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