How do seniors feel about graduation?

By: Julius McKnight and Frederica Harrell

As we all know, graduation is right around the corner and seniors are getting ready for the real world and a multitude of unexpected challenges. So, we interviewed some seniors and asked them what their plans are post high school and how they feel about the upcoming graduation. “Personally, I feel excited and relieved that I are getting ready to leave school and celebrate our 12 years of high school, said ken Johnson. Looking back, we’ve had our ups and downs, but we successfully managed to get through it all.” We work hard to get our high school diploma now we have a smooth sailing to graduation with no worries or problems in our way. The class of 2023 is excited to graduation

We ask several seniors and most feel the same…”they are excited, ready to go, ready to be done with high school and to start a new chapter of their lives.”  Yet, there are others that expressed a nervousness because they don’t know what to expect post high school.  Some of our seniors also said they might end up crying on graduation day.  All in all, we wish the 2023 graduating class much success, happiness, and luck in all their future endeavors.

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