Travis Scott: Rodeo

By: Julius McKnight

Rodeo is a hip-hop album written and produced by my favorite artist, Travis Scott. This album consists of brand-new sounds that broke the barrier of previous hip-hop influences. The album contains elements…This is regarding the trap-heavy production mixed with psychedelic autotuned continuously heard throughout the album. Giving its notoriety to his die-hard fans, this was the best musical choice for his debut album to start his rap career. Before the album’s release, however, he had released a mixtape called Days Before Rodeo promoting the album. Days Before Rodeo gave us a preview of the album before release while Days Before Rodeo was out it contained 12 tracks with its popular songs with “mamacita”, “Skyfall” and “Don’t Play” this caught the attention of his fans knowing what’s in store for them. When rodeo was release in it’s first week it sold 85,000 units and debuted on number three spot on top 200 billboard charts becoming a hit with its most popular song antidote peaking 16 spots on the billboard charts. On May 22, 2017, rodeo became certified platinum. With the album successes it gains a lot attention to this day people goes in detail about the album becoming one of the greatest trap albums.

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