One movie you must watch on Netflix ASAP

By: Jayden Abaa-Ofoeme

With Netflix cracking down on password sharing, a lot of people are going to be kicked out of the Netflix accounts they’ve been sharing. But before that happens, there is one movie that will knock the socks off of anyone that watches it that everyone should watch. That movie is called RRR. RRR is an action packed Bollywood movie that has been trending recently. The concept of the movie is pretty simple; With it being about a village hero trying to find a child that was taken from his village, and a legendary soldier trying to hunt and capture the village hero. But every event is taken to it’s maximum potential due to its budget and Bollywood movies usually having a lot of stunts but with a budget that limits those scenes to be pretty lackluster. So, if you’re ever bored and can’t find anything to watch on Netflix, I highly suggest you check it out the trailer.

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