Study habits to develop for 2023

By: Victoria Squarcia

Study habits are essential to succeeding in high school and beyond.  Without them, you may struggle to keep up. Developing good study habits can improve your academics, limit stress, and can help your overall confidence when it comes to school. With the New year approaching, here are some study habits to incorporate in 2023.  

  • Staying organized is key to maintaining good grades. Buying a planner to remember what assignments to do or what to study for can be helpful, as well as putting reminders on your phone. Keeping your study space organized can also help you concentrate.  
  • When studying, put your phone away. Your phone is the biggest distraction when it comes to studying or doing homework. Since we’re often on our phones and are used to being on them for long periods of time, you lose track of how much time you’ve spent on it.  
  • Instead, planning when you are going to study can also help when it comes to becoming organized. By setting up a schedule for yourself you are using your time wisely. If you continue to keep up with your schedule it can easily become a habit and turn into a daily or weekly activity. You cannot study all in one day, it’s important to take breaks. Studying at the last minute will only make you stressed out, instead plan and study beforehand. 

So, as a New Year’s resolution, try these tips which will help you to be organized and focused for the rest of your high school and college career. 

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