Effects of Media Consumption

By: Aaliyah Hollie

BUZZ! A phone urgently alerts someone as a notification appears on a transparent glass screen. Is it a tweet from one of your favorite celebrities? Is it news of war taking effect? Or is it simply a show that a streaming service thinks you might be interested in? The possibilities are endless, as are the effects that these infinite forms of media may have on our society.

In the United States, the consumption of media has reached “historical highs”, which must be considered when understanding the effects of media consumption (Nielsen, 2020). Bryan De La Nuez, a junior at Miami Springs Senior High School (MSSH), speculates that “new technology and apps offering more methods to consume media” may be to blame. In turn, this increases society’s accessibility to the media, boosting media consumption.

Media consumption can have both positive and damaging effects and can be both constructive and destructive. Individuals may disagree as to whether these positive impacts outweigh the negative ones. To illustrate these effects, MSSH classmates were questioned about their interactions with different media forms. Nicole Perez Rodriguez, a junior at MSSH, believes apps like youtube are a good source of education, how-to’s, and seeking the experiences of others on topics that are not yet fully understood, coming in forms of video essays, tutorial videos, commentaries, podcasts, etc. Though, she also believes that apps like TikTok, while addicting and connecting generations by showcasing videos of jokes, memes, panic, etc. , have also damaged attention spans with its short length videos. Overall, she believes that media has more positive effects than others. De La Nuez disagrees, though he believes that media has its positives, like raising money for people in need through sites like GoFundMe, he thinks that it does more harm than good. Expanding on this, he believes that creators like Andrew Tate, have made the experience negative, “younger boys transitioning to men and experiencing life while seeking influences watch him while he expresses toxic masculinity, negativity towards women, and systematic ideas about what a man should be. He also has allegations about sexual harassment”, says De La Nuez.

Though people have their disagreements on the positive and negative effects of media, it will continue to take over and consume our Earth as new innovations in technology continue to expand. It is up to the individuals using media to use it in ways that are beneficial to them.


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