Biden comments on the Afghanistan situation

By: Daniela Lorenzo-Garcia

The last American troops flew out of Afghanistan on August 30, 2021. Refugees fled from the Taliban’s clutches, as they took over Afghanistan. Fearing for their children’s future, babies are being handed over to American soldiers. Despite the government working around the clock to ensure that all soldiers leave the country, there are still thousand that have not made it home. Biden urged all fellow Americans to join him for a prayer to honor these soldiers. When President Biden was asked to speak on the matter he stated, ‘’This war was not intended to last forever; The longest war has ended’’. Biden, thanked his soldiers for their bravery and then walked off the podium. Later, it was expressed that the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution stating what they expected from the Taliban. All American can do at the moment is wait patiently and see what the future hold.

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