Smoker’s Moshpit

By Juan Rivera, Staff Writer

The uproar in Miami Springs Senior High is about the school’s vape room and smoking sections.  Students are complaining that urinals and stalls take up space in the vape room.  These students have relentlessly filed complaints about pee on the floor making the smoking experience not as great as it should be.  They are unsatisfied with the briefness of the time in between classes, not giving the smokers enough time to enjoy themselves in their designated areas. 

Certainly, the school restrooms are getting out of hand with the constant smoking of juuls.  As you walk in the bathroom, it is always crowded in the middle with smokers all around.  It is equivalent to a moshpit with how crowded it gets with smokers. 

A possible solution is to supervise the bathrooms after every classes to stop this from occurring.  If we monitor the bathrooms more closely, we can catch the culprits and keep our bathrooms clean once again.  We need to find solutions to these problems before our bathrooms become another Woodstock.  

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